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Seed Capital is Denmark's largest seed stage venture capital fund investing in technology companies.
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Product or prototype
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Investment range
€ 1 - 5M
€ > 5M
Primary markets
Consumer, Companies, Marketplace, Government
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Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment
IT & Software
IT & Software
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Key people

Managing Partner

Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack

General Partner

Lars Andersen

General Partner

Niels Vejrup Carlsen

Venture Partner

Peter Egehoved

CFO, Partner

Jakob Fuglede Nielsen

Attorney, Partner

Anne Cathrine Wilhjelm


Maria Fagranes Clemmensen

Invests in SDGs


More about Seed Capital

Seed Capital invests in seed stage tech companies born in Denmark, with outstanding founder teams and global category winner potential.

Besides investments, Seed Capital assists companies with value-generating activities such as management support, business development, organizational and strategic planning, marketing, and ad hoc operational, financial, and legal assistance. They also help companies attract strong candidates for the board and identify the key early hires who are central to the success of companies.


Their Experience

Since 2004, Seed Capital has invested in a vast range of startups. The experience and network gained from over 300 investment cases is used to help innovative companies on their journey to become commercially successful and global category winners with multi-billion DKK exit potential. Some of the well-known companies that Seed Capital has invested in are Fullrate, Endomondo, Trustpilot, Vivino, Lunar Way and Templafy. 


How much do they invest?

Seed Capital aims to lead the seed stage funding round – often as the first institutional investor. Average initial ticket size in DKK 10-15 million.  


How do they work?

They prefer getting to know the companies they invest in at the pre-seed stage – for example when the companies have received their first angel funding and/or are beginning to get some traction in the market. At this stage Seed Capital will regularly meet with the founders, provide them sparring and network while evaluating whether they are a good fit with the Seed Capital portfolio and are reaching a stage where Seed Capital would like to engage. The next step would be a pitch for the partner group, followed by a term sheet negotiation if there is mutual interest, a due diligence process (team, market, tech, financial and legal) and closing.


This makes a difference to them

Team with outstanding execution skills is essential. Seed Capital needs to believe that the founder / CEO founder can attract and build a world class organization. The product should address a clear pain in an attractive market (large and/or rapidly growing). At the seed stage Seed Capital needs proof of product in the market unless it is a deep-tech company or operate in a heavily regulated market (fintech). Seed Capital needs to believe that the company can reach series A level maturity (expansion) within 1-2 years.


A good pitch for them

A good pitch should be brief (maximum 10 slides) and generate enough interest to a (second) meeting. The good pitch specifies how you approach the factors relevant to your business: customer need, market, business drivers, product solution and technology concerns, value proposition, business model, team and ownership, investment opportunity, together with the history and future of the company.

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