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Rolf Helberg jr.

Company Presentation: Video Introduction: FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based in Dubai Internet City. We help IT startups by becoming the technical cofounder or a startup developer or grow your startup. We also accept entrepreneurs from idea stage and help transfer their idea to a product. FasterCapital was established in 2010 and our model has been publicly available since 2014. Fastercapital has 20 graduated startups that are fully functional now, around 26 startups in Tech Cofounder Program, 281 startups in the acceleration program, 976 representatives/regional partners and 495 offices worldwide. FasterCapital has done more than 65 partnerships with incubators/accelerations/VentureFunds worldwide. FasterCapital has four rounds of funding per year that anyone who is looking for a tech partner can apply to them for free. FasterCapital has already committed to investing $ 19.88m in 90 startups. Also, we are planning to launch a new Crowdfunding platform called FundedByU, and are working on the programming as we speak. This platform will be only for Entrepreneurs to raise funding for their projects. I live personally in Spain, but am born in Norway, and have lived most of my life in Norway, where I also currently own and run various companies. I speak or read and write more or less 8-9 languages; Norwegian, English, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Spanish and a little German, French and Portuguese. I also have contacts in more than 50 countries, States and overseas territories on all continents, having traveled and visited contacts in these locations during the past 10 years. This means that not only will we be involved in financing, but also within sales and marketing if needed. My e-mail is


Vinnova gives financial support to research and innovation projects to develop Sweden’s innovational power.

+impact accelerator

Acceleration program that supports Nordic startups adressing the most pressing issues with circular business models. Danske Bank, RISE and WeWork have partnered to speed up go-to-market and scaling of impactful startups. It's an equity-free program run twice a year. is an early-stage venture capital firm in Helsinki, Finland that champions the entrepreneurs who rewrite the future. The fund invests in deep tech and brand-driven companies across consumer and enterprise spaces. team and global network shares in the vision of entrepreneurs as champions and challengers, drawing on the experience of scaling some of the strongest technology companies.


Creandum invests in the best innovative and fast-growing companies, companies that can change industries and are led by the people that make it happen. Creandum sees themselves as an entrepreneurs’ best partner. Creandum is backing the companies of tomorrow. The ambition is to help build market leaders within consumer, software and hardware, often with a global market opportunity and strong international focus.

Copenhagen-based VC Investing in beautiful minds building epic companies. is a founder-friendly pre-seed fund based in Copenhagen, investing all over the Nordics. Ideally, they write the first check into early-stage tech companies. We look for bold founding teams, typically with strong technical backgrounds. In your quest for world domination, Futuristic's only goal is to provide you with maximum value as your investor.

byFounders VC

🌟byFounders ( is the community-powered early-stage venture fund investing in globally ambitious teams. With our unique Collective of experienced founders and operators, we support our portfolio companies with operational expertise and a global network. **1. We're founders at heart** We invest in founders and the relationship between us. Our compassion for founders permeates our every interaction, where we strive for transparency and candor. **2. Our community is global** We operate together with a tight-knit community of founders and operators through which you can access a world-class network and operational expertise. **3. We care about Tomorrow** We believe in the future and recognize the power we hold in shaping it. We, therefore, take an impact-aware approach to investing and help companies on their journey to make a positive impact on the world.

BioInnovation Institute

BII is a Novo Nordisk Foundation initiative. In the first three years of operation, until the end of 2020, BII has been granted DKK 392 million. After this establishment phase has been evaluated, the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Board of Directors will decide whether to establish BII as an independent foundation and grant funding for the next seven years of operation.

Daniel bach

Investor specialised in operating online subscription-based business models on a large international scale.

CVX Ventures

CVX Ventures invests in the most prominent growth firms together with a network of partners consisting of Northern Europe's leading business leaders. We are driven by our belief that the best investors are often those who provide founders with the right knowledge, experience, and network for the specific stage and industry. CVX always invests with and through the best angels for the founder in question. Today, we have worked with more than 70 companies and have over 600 partners in CVX, investing in and supporting companies where they can really add value. We create value in companies through our investment, experience and deep industry knowledge, so companies receive the necessary sparring and resources to accelerate their growth journey. We are entrepreneurs, board members, business leaders, inventors, and investors and we are passionate about making a positive impact with our capital, competencies, and network across industries and stages. Since 2020, we have helped more than 80 companies through investments and board positions, and more than 150 of our partners have taken active positions as investors, board members, or advisors. Together with our partners, we have more than DKK 800 million. available for investment. Read more at

Reach for Change

Reach for Change is an international non-profit founded in Sweden. Our vision is a world where all children and youth reach their full potential. We're working towards this vision by finding local social entrepreneurs and empowering them to develop and scale innovative solutions that help children and youth to better lives. Since established in 2010 we have supported more than 1,000 social entrepreneurs in 18 countries across three continents creating an impact on more than 5 million children and youth.

Go Grow

Located at Copenhagen Business School, Go Grow is an accelerator program designed to help startups in the early stages. The aim is to enable focused startups to achieve international growth.

Inbox Capital

They provide growth equity for tomorrow's​ digital leaders. Inbox Capital invests in Nordic based tech companies with proven performance in key areas, now aiming for international growth.

Frederik Vind

Passionate about startup, entrepreneurship, impact and growth My area of expertise is people & organisation, growth & impact and sales & business development, primarily in B2B. I work as an independent Venture Developer supporting early-stage tech startups on their growth.

HERAX Ventures

The purpose of HERAX Ventures is to support start-ups offering solutions to- or within the Pharma, Diagnostics, Consumer Health and Medical device area. It can be an idea for a new device to use in treatments or for Clinical Trials, for software to support patients or anything else in the word of HealthTech. Both software, devices, concepts or new ideas works for us. Contact HERAX Ventures at If we think we can help, you will be invited to a coffee meeting to present.

Midroc New Technology

Midroc New Technologies is an investment company that helps develop pioneering technologies. They focus on new technology, Cleantech, and Biomedicine. This includes alternative fuels, energy, and environmental technology. They seek to make early stage investments.

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